Adidas LEGO Adilette colab plates the famous toy on comfortable slides

Adidas’ most comfortable slip-on shoe adds an ironic twist.

Adidas and Lego have teamed up to create these super cute (and super painful) slides


Two Northern European giants have teamed up for a collab that’s not what anyone saw coming – and right now, you can put it up for sale. The Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides have long been a staple in the Adidas product line, but have seen increased visibility in the world disguised as a pandemic. Well, the sportswear brand has gone one better by asking LEGO to join forces on a special collaboration – and for once, you’ll feel good walking on LEGO.

The Adidas Adilette Comfort x LEGO Slides feature a LEGO motif on the bottom of the insole that wraps around the sides of the slip-on sandal, and the strap that holds your foot in place features both the Adidas logo and logo LEGO so you can proudly display both brands at once.

adidas Adilette Comfort x LEGO® Slides

The question is, who needs a LEGO x Adidas slide? Anyone with LEGOs under their feet, of course. What better way to protect the bottom of your feet from those dastardly plastic parts than by wearing a designer sandal as a cushion between the sole and the parts? They are also partly made from recycled materials, although it is to be determined whether or not these materials involved small blocks of plastic.

Don’t wait to pick them up – sizes sell out (especially small adult sizes…tweens, probably) with this number: they’re currently down to $26 from $40 with men’s 5/women’s 6 sizes still in stock at Adidas.

These make the perfect gift (with the holidays already approaching and all) for your favorite LEGO fan, so get them while they’re still in size and on sale.