Argyle Toys wants to bring ‘toy store magic’ to Babylon

BABYLON, NY – The bustling, family-friendly downtown Babylon Village hasn’t had a dedicated toy store for a few years, but three women who live on the same village street are about to change that. Argyle Toys will open on June 19 at 10 Grove Pl., A brainchild of three neighbors who developed the idea during the pandemic.

Teresa Striker, Madeline Lunz and Amber McCullough and their children, ages 11 months to eight, were socializing outside in the cold in December, missing out on fun, non-pandemic activities to do with young children. The women, with professional backgrounds in retail, e-commerce, and research, decided they wanted to resurrect what Striker calls “the magic of the toy store.”

“When we take our kids to a toy store, there’s just that sparkle in their eyes,” she told Patch.

“We wanted to capture that, give them an experience, rather than just wandering the aisles of Target.”

Even in the era of big box stores and Amazon, women believe that a traditional toy store provides an elevated experience for children. Argyle Toys will have a sensory area where children can touch and play and a craft table. The store’s inventory will focus on high quality toys, handmade wooden toys, and women and small business products.

Lunz has two sons with special needs, and Striker says it’s hard to find high-quality toys for children with sensory needs, so Argyle Toys will also specialize in preserving some. Right now, the women run the business as an online store and they will choose, wrap and deliver an age-appropriate gift to customers nearby, a service they plan to continue.

The store will offer toys for newborns up to 10, 11 years old.

“We want to focus on kids who really love toys.”