As toy stores close, Boynton couple open specialty store with ‘interactive experience’

Patrick and Melissa Savoie of Boynton Beach, owners of Toy Express, say their store offers customers more than just a product, it offers an experience for parents and children.

“Before, parents and grandparents had the privilege of shopping in real toy stores. With the evolution of the market, everything happens online,” said Patrick Savoie. “There’s nothing for this generation to enjoy the real, magical feeling that comes with shopping at a specialty toy store. We try to reproduce this feeling, for this new generation.

Toy Express is a specialty toy store located in Coral Springs. The 3,500 square foot store offers customers an interactive shopping experience. Toy Express offers a range of games, books, dollhouses, humorous gifts, character items and toys for children of all ages.

“We’re not just about toys, we’re about entertainment,” Patrick said. “Parents can shop while the kids play. It’s not really about the product. Yes, the product is there, but it’s about the experience. That’s why we decided to start a specialized toy store.

Toy Express has a few unique features, including a 12-foot-tall animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex. Using motion sensor technology, the T. rex reacts to human movement.

There is a doll adoption center, where children can “adopt” lifelike dolls. With a diverse selection of dolls representing all races and ethnicities, no child will feel left out.

“Since we live in a pretty diverse country, I think in terms of something as personal as a doll, you want people to see and feel that diversity,” Melissa Savoie said. “So when it comes to choosing a doll, no child should feel left out.”

Melissa also designed the store’s play area, which features a two-story indoor play area with tunnels, slides and swings. The playground is free for paying guests and open to non-guests for a nominal fee per child.

“When we came up with the idea for Toy Express, it wasn’t just about selling toys, but everything that went with it,” Melissa said. “We look at it from a community perspective, making both parent and child happy.”

Patrick and Melissa were involved in the design and layout of the store from start to finish. Patrick points out how excited the children are when they walk into the store for the first time and are greeted by the giant T. rex.

“It’s funny to see their reactions. There are so many different emotions towards this thing,” Patrick said. “If you didn’t have a place for the kids to go, you’d miss those times. It’s definitely an interactive experience.

The Savoies talk about future plans and what’s coming up for Toy Express.

“We are working on opening more locations,” Melissa said. “Our goal is to open another site in Palm Beach. We are already looking for other places.

Toy Express is all about the in-person shopping experience.

“We have a website, but there is no shopping cart. Our goal is to try to get people there,” Melissa said. “If we have someone who can’t come in, we can make shopping accessible to them. We will ship the purchase.

Melissa adds, “We are also open to hosting small groups for birthday parties.”

The official Grand Opening Ceremony will be held September 21 at the Toy Express Turtle Run Shoppes, 6325 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs.