Care Bears: unlock the new diffuser and Magic Sets toy offers in China and France

Cloudco Entertainment, owner of an iconic entertainment property Care Bears ™, launched his new Care bears: unlock the magic animated series broadcast on the Chinese public broadcasting network CCTV14 and on the French free television channel Gulli. These content launches are accompanied by new toy offerings in both territories that will support the new television series as well as the upcoming Care Bears 40th anniversary in 2022.

Following immense success in the United States, Europe and APAC, children’s channel CCTV14 in China began broadcasting Care Bears: Unlock the Magic across the country in October. The all new 2D animated series produced by Cloudco Entertainment includes 48 x 11 ‘episodes and 2 22’ short films. In September 2021, Lagardere Active began airing Care Bears: Unlock the Magic on the free French TV channel Gulli, after the initial launch on Tiji, where the series also continues to air.

In October, Cloudco also relaunched Care Bears toys with a new toy master partner, Splash Toys, in France. The toy line emulates the new style of character art seen in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic and is successfully rolling out in mass and specialty stores, as well as a number of other online and brick retailers. and mortar across the country.

Early next year, Care Bears will launch a new line of toys and collectibles with POP MART, in China. The deal was negotiated by IMG China and will include a range of figures, blind boxes and novelties for teens and young adults. The toy line will debut at POP MART and roll out to online and physical retailers across the country as the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary and 40 years of sharing and caring around the world.

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic follows Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, Good Luck Bear, Funshine Bear, and Share Bear as they embark on a new Care-A-Lot adventure in Silver Lining, a strange, beautiful world inhabited by the Whiffles. , a group of innocently happy creatures who plant seeds to grow the magical land of Care-A-Lot. Throughout the series, Care Bears use their belly badge powers to spread messages of sharing, caring, friendship, and courage while making sure they get plenty of laughs along the way.

Roubina Tchoboian, Vice President of International Licensing at Cloudco Entertainment, said, “We are delighted to bring the Care Bears franchise back to China and France, just in time for the brand’s 40th anniversary in 2022. Parents and children will be excited to see Care Bears explore new, brilliant adventures. . . “

Xu Xiaobing, Head of Intellectual Property Development and Management of POP MART, said: “We are very happy to cooperate with Care Bears, which has been popular all over the world for many years. Both parties have a very consistent understanding of intellectual property and the concept of consumer satisfaction. We look forward to working together to create more excellent works in the future and continue to create a better consumer experience for global users.

Julia Padiou, Product Manager at Splash Toys, said: “Splash Toys is very proud to have the Care Bears license in its brands. It is a particular property that has values ​​that speak to everyone: solidarity, friendship, positivity, which are essential, especially in these times. It’s an evergreen brand that reaches nostalgic adults and children who discover the brand through the new animated series. Both will be delighted to find Care Bears in their hypermarkets, online or in their favorite toy store.

Ian Lambur, Executive Vice President, Content Strategy and Co-productions at Cloudco Entertainment, said, “We are very excited to expand our reach in France via Gulli and welcome a whole new audience in China via CCTV. We look forward to announcing more deals in the near future.

Jean-René Aucouturier, Director of Sales and Business Development at Gulli, added: “Kindness is an important value for Gulli – that’s why we are so committed to Care Bears! Our shared values ​​contribute to the success of the property.