Cookie Monster pajama pedophile ran toy stand in mall

A pedophile who sent sex messages to what he believed to be a 12-year-old girl ran a pop-up toy stand in a busy shopping mall, ECHO can reveal.

David Parry, 39, of Boston Avenue, Runcorn, was sentenced to three years and two months in jail at Chester Crown Court on December 22, after pleading guilty to eight counts relating to abuse of images and sexual communications with a child under the age of 13.

Parry was arrested after being trapped by an undercover police officer based in the East Midlands.

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The police officer was posing as a 12-year-old girl when Parry began engaging in a sexualized conversation with the officer on Kik Messenger for 12 days in October last year.

He told “Zoe” that he used the online profile name “UKDaddyDom” because he liked “being dominant when I’m with a girl, I like playing the role of dad”.

Parry sent the supposed schoolgirl a sex photo of himself wearing a ‘Cookie Monster pajama bottoms’, a clip of a man performing a sex act that he later told police it was him, and graphic suggestions of sexual activity.

Parry claiming his booth has “something for everyone”. Shopping City reacted with shock to Parry’s exposure as a cyber pedophile.

His arrest by Cheshire Police in Runcorn in November last year led to the discovery of 210 images of child abuse in categories A to C on his two laptops and cell phone – and the discovery that ‘in 2012, Parry had shared two images that were categorized as A – the most serious tape of abuse images.

The victims were girls between the ages of five and 13.

Part of his defense mitigation was that he was running a “business”.

Parry's company page has been published
Parry’s business page posted “We’re closed for the day, sorry guys,” Monday before his sentencing day.

During his summary at Chester Crown Court, Judge Michael Leeming said Parry had “requested the opening of a toy store“.

He said Parry was sent to Crown court on “unconditional bond” following his guilty pleas in Magistrate Court on November 23.

A court record of Parry’s appearance in North Cheshire Magistrates’ Court on November 23 said he was released on unconditional bail with a requirement to register with Runcorn Police Station.

However, since the conviction was passed, ECHO has learned that Parry has already established a ‘pop-up’ booth at The Box – a sort of micro-business incubator for small independent traders unrelated to each other. others – at Runcorn Shopping City.

David Parry, 39, of Boston Avenue, Runcorn, uploaded a photo of himself in a state of excitement while wearing a pair of "Cookie Monster pajama bottoms" to an undercover police officer.
David Parry, 39, of Boston Avenue, Runcorn, sent a photo of himself in a state of excitement as he wore a pair of “Cookie Monster pajama bottoms” to an undercover cop.

Operating under the name “Halton Hobbies” and “Adaptive Momentum Ltd,” which is registered on the official government website of Companies House, the booth launched its Facebook page in September, and until December 21, the page has been used to promote toys and a raffle.

Social media posts, allegedly published by Parry, show him selling items, including; Tabletop war game miniatures, model kits, dollhouses, baby toys, craft supplies and a variety of toys, games, action figures and other items for younger age groups.

No evidence has been presented to suggest an offense related to his toy stand.

The last social media post on the Adaptive Momentum Ltd Facebook page on Monday said it was going to be closed: “TUESDAY 21, we’re closed for the day, sorry guys, few dates to deal with but let’s be back. -y Wednesday. “

He appeared in court on December 21 and the account has been inactive since.

One of Parry's toy promotional items.
One of Parry’s toy promotional items.

After Parry’s conviction, Dave Pearman, director of Runcorn Shopping City, said ECHO Parry’s license had been “terminated”.

Mr Pearman told ECHO: “Until this story, I had no indication that the man in question was facing criminal charges of any kind.

“I wanted to let you know that to date the business license of the man in question has been terminated and I want to not only distance ourselves from this man and his actions, but (to) do what is right. .

“As a family and community mall, we are shocked to hear this news and would like to remind anyone that the professionalism, integrity and hard work of any other merchant should not be taken into consideration.”

Parry pleaded guilty on November 23 in the North Cheshire Magistrates’ Court to three counts of producing indecent images of a child, forcing a child under 13 to watch sexual activity, and possession 210 indecent images of a child, possession of a prohibited child image, distribution an indecent image and attempting to have sexual communication with a child.

The defendant, whom the court heard was married but whose online status is “separate,” attempted to blame alcohol and drugs for viewing indecent footage, the charges of which dated back to a period spanning 2010-12.

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