Disney Dreamlight Valley adds a Toy Story kingdom

Disney Dreamlight Valley is adding a Toy Story kingdom later this year.

Disney and Marvel just held a game showcase as part of D23, revealing Amy Hennig’s untitled Captain American and Black Panther, a four-player platformer based on the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse, and stakes. update on several other games that have already been announced. One of those updates is for Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, which just entered early access this week.

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As announced before D23, the announcement was about adding a new realm to the game, the one later revealed to be based on Toy Story. We know from the original Dreamlight Valley trailer that Woody and Buzz would be featured in the game at some point, but now we know they’ll be part of the next kingdom added to the game, with a tentative date of fall 2022. .


The reveal trailer showed a character from Dreamlight Valley in Bonnie’s room from Toy Story 3, as is evident from the paintings of Bonnie’s toys on the wall and the lack of sky blue wallpaper Andy’s room is for. known. Buzz and Woody can both interact in the room, and it looks like new player customization options will be unlocked from the realm as well, with two outfits inspired by the toys featured.

However, Buzz and Woody won’t be strictly tied to Bonnie’s room. As indicated by the trailer, both can be brought back to your valley by completing their quests. We see Buzz and Woody running around the valley and interacting with other Disney characters, including Woody doing his famous pose next to Scar, and Buzz being surprisingly chatty with Ursula. I guess the two have more in common than we thought.

Finally, it looks like some elements seem to take inspiration from Toy Story 4 in the kingdom, as some can be spotted in multiple places in the trailer, like Bonnie’s camper van and a carousel that wouldn’t look out of place in that one. by Bo Peep. carnival.

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