Doug DeMuro reveals his miniature cars, and some of them are expensive

While most model car collectors keep their models intact in a secure area, or maybe in a safe, Doug DeMuro only keeps his small cars at home, and one of them has a special place in her living room, and for good reason. .

He doesn’t have too many miniature cars, but he divided them into three categories: normal cars, cars he owned, and weird cars. Part 1 shows what people drove in the mid-90s: Ford Taurus, Oldsmobile Aurora, and Dodge Stratus. Usually people don’t buy miniature cars after lemon vehicles. The Taurus wasn’t such a bad car, but the Stratus, on the other hand, fell far short of what Dodge should have been, while the soap-shaped Aurora is a car you probably don’t remember.

From his collection of “ordinary cars” he added a Mazda minivan from Malta and an open-top Suzuki Vitara, the latter sold in the United States as the Suzuki Sidekick. You have to be crazy about this car to get the model or buy it to make you smile. Everything that works.

The interesting part concerns the cars he owned. He hasn’t said anything about owning a model for the blue Dodge Viper he had, and we want to tell him he can get one on the cheap. He paid $ 2,000 for a custom model after his yellow Land Rover Defender convertible. The model even had the exact replica after the license plates. It’s a cool thing, and Doug said he keeps it in his living room. There is an interesting story about a blue Audi RS4 Avant, which he bought for $ 100 when he was in college. He never dreamed of having the real car back then. The big surprise is that the miniature car is nowadays much more expensive than it was then.

He ended up with a pair of G-500 Cabriolets due to a mistake, but I found a tricky story about a yellow Lego Land Rover Defender, which was accompanied by a Lego Doug DeMuro and his Lego-dog Noodles. One of his viewers made this trio, and when the YouTuber asked him what pieces he was using to reproduce it, his subscriber just sent them to Doug as a gift.

Most notable should be a curved, “custom” Chrysler PT Cruiser from the Weird Car Collection. It’s a replica of a car he destroyed with a Hummer H1. Another weird car is a Subaru demo vehicle with a sensor that stops the car before hitting an obstacle. Finally, watch the video to see which car model Doug didn’t even come out of the box. It’s hilarious!

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