Engino’s STEM Specialist Virtual Toy Fair Launches Today – ToyNews

Following the cancellation of the Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs, Engino will be hosting a virtual toy fair throughout this month starting today, February 1, to showcase its latest products for 2022. .

An Engino spokesperson said: “As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative, high-quality STEM toys, we invite retail buyers and educators to learn more about our award-winning system and how it can increase your sales margin or enrich your teaching. method.

“Academics, engineers, product designers, illustrators, education specialists and marketing experts have all combined their strengths and expertise to ensure that every Engino building system fosters learning, critical thinking , problem solving, communication and student motor skills, while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

“Our vision is to inspire students to become better problem solvers and future innovators. We now have a wide product line of over 50 different sets and have established ourselves as one of the fastest growing companies in the business. The expansion of our new fully automated factory in Cyprus reflects our success and our culture of innovation, while setting new production standards in Europe.

The Engino Online Toy Fair will feature:

  • The new variants of GinoBot, a programmable robot with unlimited expansion potential. The INVENTOR Mechanics line of toys is designed to inspire kids ages 7-14 to pursue STEM careers and develop 21st century skills like problem solving and critical thinking.
  • New CODING LAB robotic line, which was specially developed for robotics enthusiasts. The line is ideal for primary and secondary school students as well as hobby engineers.
  • The DISCOVERING STEM expansion series, which has been developed by qualified teachers and scholars to help students engage with STEM disciplines in a fun, exciting, and interesting way. Educational kits are also ideal as a home learning tool.

To book your appointment at the Virtual Showroom, go to https://bit.ly/EnginoBookMeeting