Halo Infinite Player turns the game into a Toy Story

Infinite Halo launched a while ago, and when it came out it wasn’t quite complete. By this we mean that many of the franchise’s standard modes weren’t available at launch. One was Co-Op, which players will finally get in November, and the other was Forge mode, which will also arrive in November. The latter is arguably more important as Forge Mode allows players to use a variety of tools and skills to create their own Halo Maps. Those they could use and share with other players to have unique experiences. Although the mode is not public at the moment, some people have accessed it and done some striking things.

Enter Red Nomster, a famous Forge creator and someone who’s had a lot of free time lately. We say this because he decided to go into the Infinite Halo Forge mode and make a near-perfect recreation of Andy’s room from Toy story. Now, you might think that by near-perfect recreation, we mean that he got the gist of the piece but couldn’t implement the details due to mode limitations. But you would be wrong to doubt it.

Because in a 30-minute video he posted, Red Nomster showed off the awe-inspiring feat he accomplished, and one wonders how he got it all with such attention to detail. One of the things he immediately notes is that the new Forge mode has a scaling feature that will allow you to scale items up or down to help you achieve a certain look. In the case of Andy’s room, he scaled everything up so your character was about the size of an action figure.

He was even able to include key details and characters from toy story to make the part more accurate. You’ll see Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, the Hot Wheels Track that Buzz Lightyear used in the first movie, and more. Yes, there are bases you can all use for different modes, but the main fun here is exploring the room and imagining you’re in the movie.

He even added some personal touches and put a custom poster on the wall featuring Master Chief and having the language of the universe spelled out, “Best Friends.”

For those who want to dive into Forge mode ASAP, we highly recommend watching this video from Red Nomster. Because not only will the video inspire you to go big or small with your designs, but it gives some level design tips for Forge mode that you might find useful.

We have to admit that will be a high bar to try to break. But don’t let that deter you from going crazy!

Source: YouTube