Indigo says sex toy business is growing – Kelowna News

Sex toys in the self-help section

Indigo Bookstores say their new sex toy business is growing despite backlash from some.

A Kelowna mother contacted Castanet this week after noticing the display at Indigo in the Orchard Park mall.

“That seems pretty shocking for a store with kids,” said the woman, who declined to be named because of “splits that always seem to come out online.”

“I’m definitely not a prude and I’ve been to many sex stores in my life, but never one that has kids. I am for well-being and “helping each other”, but it is cheesy”, she continued.

Indigo’s launch of vibrator displays in their self-help sections raised eyebrows online and grabbed headlines.

When reached for comment, an Indigo spokesperson acknowledged a mixed initial response.

“But when we’ve paired products with books that provide information and resources, we’ve seen demand increase dramatically in this space. Indigo plays an important role in reducing stigma, normalizing the conversation and empowering clients to understand and be comfortable with sexual well-being and pleasure being an important part of their well-being. -be general,” the Indigo statement read.

“This is a complex and highly personal category, which is why we offer a wide assortment of books and products to support our customers’ overall wellness journey.”

The company says its expansion into “sexual wellness merchandise” is a natural extension of its book business.

“We offer products that support the information and resources that matter to our customers to help them live their lives wisely and pursue their holistic wellness journey through: sleep, beauty, fitness , mindfulness, cooking and sexual wellness. Over time, we have seen an increase in customer interest in books about sexual wellness and understanding your body. This has led our thought leadership to believe there was a need for more accessible sexual wellness products.