Is Lightyear connected to Toy Story?

For many, Chris Evan’s upcoming Pixar film naturally raises the question of whether Lightyear is connected to Toy Story. Here is the answer.

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toy story is one of the most beloved animated franchises in the world and one of Pixar’s best films, but no one expected a Buzz Lightyear movie. That’s why the world was surprised when Disney announced the toy story spin-off called Light year. What was even more surprising was the revelation that Light year would not focus on the animated toy of the four toy story movies. In place, Light year was announced to tell the story of the hero who inspired the Buzz Lightyear action figure.

Captain America actor Chris Evans will provide the voice of the Human Buzz. The movie will explore the character’s backstory and is slated for release later in 2022. But there’s still a lot of confusion about what kind of movie it will be. Light year is exactly. Many questions have been raised about how Light year is connected to the rest of the toy story franchise. Here are the answers to some of those questions.


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Is Lightyear a film from the Toy Story universe?

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No, Light year is not part of toy story universe. Light year takes place in a fictional universe different from that presented in the toy story movies. The director of Light yearAngus McLane, shared with Entertainment Weekly exactly what that means:

In the toy story universe, it would be like a movie that Andy might have seen, that made him want a Buzz Lightyear action figure.

Previously, the identity of the Buzz Lightyear in Light year was very unclear, leading many to believe he was a real person in the toy story universe. MacLane’s comments clarified that Buzz has always been a fictional character both in our world and in the toy story world. While Pixar fans may wish to see the return of Andy and his Buzz Lightyear action figure, MacLane pointed out that Light year was made as a truly standalone film. The director describes Light year like a movie about Buzz Lightyear “as a Space Ranger, not as a toy”. Therefore, the public should not expect to see animated toys in Light year but rather a complete focus on the human characters.

Is Lightyear a Toy Story prequel?

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Light year should not be considered a prequel as it is not set in the same universe as the four toy story movies. Robots, spaceships and real aliens have never been part of the toy story movies. First toy story, Buzz Lightyear from the film initially believed he was a real Space Ranger and not just an action figure. Woody had to help the figurine realize that he was a toy based on a fictional character. Light year, however, portrayed the Buzz Lightyear who was actually the Space Ranger. Buzz Lightyear toy story and the Buzz Lightyear of Light year were two different characters who were also voiced by different actors. Light year‘s Buzz lived the life that the Buzz action figure in toy story 1 originally thought he was living.

Marketing for Light year avoided calling the film a toy story prequel. Instead, marketing materials have consistently used the more appropriate term of toy story “spin off.” This may be disappointing news for fans who wanted to see more connectivity between toy story and Light year. Corn Light year could be considered the catalyst for all events in the toy story movies. As Buzz Lightyear was already a fictional character in the toy story universe, maybe Light year came out into this world and exploded in popularity, in turn selling countless action figures. One of these figures was later given to Andy and eventually became Woody’s best friend, joining Andy’s toy team. In this way, Light year could be considered a prequel.

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How is Lightyear connected to Buzz Lightyear?

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the toy story the films established the fictional human persona of Buzz Lightyear as a Space Ranger in the Galactic Alliance. Because movies have always focused on the Buzz toy, Pixar had plenty of room to tell a whole new origin story using the character. The costume worn by Light year’s Buzz remained relatively unchanged from the costume worn by the action figure, in addition to being featured in a new art style. Additionally, the action figure shared the human Buzz’s love of flight. In Light year, the human Buzz Lightyear was a test pilot before becoming a Space Ranger. Buzz Lightyear’s heroic and adventurous spirit has remained intact.

A trailer for Light year featured the Evil Emperor Zurg, a character who had an animated figure in toy story 2. The start of toy story 2 revealed that Zurg was Buzz Lightyear’s biggest enemy. Zurg has also previously appeared in the anime series, Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately for fans of the series, Light year hasn’t been connected to this series and will likely ignore it entirely. To help him in his space adventures, Light year‘s Buzz has received working versions of the Buzz Lightyear action figure play features. The trailer featured a retractable helmet and a laser on the wrist. toy story had Buzz Lightyear, but Light year will introduce the public to the human.

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