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LISBON – At the last council meeting of the year on Tuesday, Mayor Peter Wilson briefed council members on the vandalism uncovered over the weekend at Realtor’s Park, located at the Greenway trailhead. “Over the weekend, someone took a truck and ran across or against one side of the pergola, destroying a quarter of the overall structure. Miller told the board.

However, he had good news; he thanked local entrepreneur Donnie Miller, who agreed to donate equipment after seeing Wilson’s social media post about the incident.

In other cases, Tax Officer Tracey Wonner has announced that she has been invited to serve on the Ohio Municipal League board of directors. The council voted unanimously in favor of Wonner, who said she was humbled by the request and hopes to represent the village to the best of her ability.

Bill Hoover, chairman of the Public Affairs Council, updated the board on the search for a replacement for outgoing member Vito Dilullo, who attended his last meeting on Tuesday before the board meeting. He said that so far the board has reviewed five letters of interest from potential candidates. The board will decide at its first meeting in 2022, scheduled for January 11. Hoover also told the council that the council agreed on Tuesday to purchase a new work truck at a cost of $ 416,683.58 on a capital lease basis. He said the board expects to receive the truck after May 2022.

The Board of Directors approved a donation of $ 300 to Chris McLaughlin who spoke on behalf of McLaughin’s Martial Arts in Lisbon. The funding is intended for the 2022 martial arts tournament scheduled for February 5, 2022, which is expected to attract up to 300 competitors to Lisbon.

The Council approved bills totaling just over $ 66,000, including:

$ 7,380.33 for the policy

$ 2,601.80 for streets

$ 13,008.54 for overheads

$ 40,321.61 for the fire department

$ 59.00 for the parks

$ 3,035.77 for electricity

Wilson praised the board for the past two productive years, despite the challenges, including COVID. He mentioned achievements such as finishing the district job descriptions and working on the community pool, which he said will open in the summer of 2022. He also said there were around seven projects underway. at various stages including parks, exercise trails and bridges in the village.

The first board meeting of 2022 will take place on January 11.

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