Safety tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents this summer


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – As summer approaches and some residents prepare to get back on their motorcycles, experts are giving advice on how to limit accidents.

According to Megan Anderson, injury prevention coordinator at Gundersen Health, hot weather usually means an increase in traumatic motorcycle injuries.

Data shows that motorcycles are among the top three causes of traumatic injuries. Anderson said there are several tips local motorcyclists can use this year to avoid accidents. Anderson claims that one of the most important things bikers can do is wear a helmet because it dramatically reduces the risk of brain damage.

Although Wisconsin has a partial helmet law, which only requires people 18 years of age or younger and operators with an instructional permit to wear a helmet, Anderson strongly encourages all motorcyclists to use the helmet. ‘protective gear.

“We know that helmets significantly reduce the cause of traumatic brain injury, and we know that among the traumatic injuries we see in Gundersen related to motorcycle crashes, about less than half of people are wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.” , Anderson said.

Additionally, Anderson advises motorcyclists to ride cautiously, obey speed limits, avoid driving at dawn or dusk, and avoid areas where you are likely to encounter wildlife.

As for other drivers on the roads this summer, Anderson said they can also do their part to help keep local streets safe.

“We talk a lot about sharing the road,” Anderson said. “Motorists are just making sure that as summer approaches, there will be more motorcycles outside.”

Anderson said riders can share the road with motorcyclists by looking twice before changing lanes, giving motorcycles a bit more space and being mindful of how motorcyclists ride.

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