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Pleasure tools are the best way to explore what and how you like. Looked.

Let’s just say it without inhibitions: self-pleasure is great. It’s one of the best ways to explore your body, find out what you like, and take control of your orgasms.

While there are traditional techniques you can explore while masturbating, pleasure toys just add a trick factor. They can also be your best friend, especially if you’re going through a dry spell or are in a long-distance relationship.

But the first time you buy a fun toy can be tricky. Here are six tips to help you choose the right sex toy because when it comes to pleasure, you can’t mess with it.

Choose the right store

If something should come into contact with your genitals or dip into your vaginal canal, you can’t just visit any store and buy the first product you see. The brand should meet your needs and offer you several options.

Sangya Project, MyMuse, and Lovetreats are some of the Indian brands that give you an array of choices in sex toys. From different forms to functions, you can explore the options before making an investment.

Check Body-Safe in the description

As mentioned above, you cannot just put anything inside your body. Before adding anything to cart or buying from a store, you should check the labels to see if the toy is made of body-safe materials.

It should not include wood, glass or non-porous silicone components. These materials can injure you, cause infection, or result in serious injury.

It doesn’t have to look like male genitalia

variety of sex toys

Sex toys are no longer focused on design. Not all pleasure tools should look like male genitals to help you hit the big “O”. Many of them have different anatomy and have been developed with female pleasure in mind. From vibrators to dildos, the market is open to you.

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Check out the review of real people and sexual health bloggers

There are sex educators who don’t hesitate to talk about masturbation. Some of them also share opinions on some tools available in the market. You can also take reviews from real women who leave reviews on various websites when buying a sex toy. Or ask a friend if they’ve bought anything in particular or have a favorite store they can recommend.

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Pro Tip: Don’t Forget to Buy a Lube

lube with sex toys

When shopping for pleasure tools, don’t forget to add lube to your cart. It’s crucial to have lube on hand before using any toy, especially for the first time. It facilitates insertion, helps to fight against vaginal dryness and prevents injuries due to friction.

Take pride in your personal enjoyment because you know what you like and feel free to explore more.

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