Sex Toy Tester Says The Job Isn’t As “Glamorous” As People Think

A professional sex toy tester has revealed that the job isn’t as “glamorous” as one might think.

Edwina, has over 30 years of experience with sex toys and has already been dubbed “The Sex Toy Lady” by customers.

Edwina has been affectionately named ‘The Sex Toy Lady’. 1 credit

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and the US-based sexpert says she got into the business “purely out of necessity” to support her children.

She told LADbible: “I was a single mother with two children, one of whom suffered from a life-threatening illness.

“One of the weekends when they had been to their dad’s I decided to have a ‘girls night’ and had a sex toy party. The lady who hosted the party was local and ran the business itself with only a few salespeople.

“Not only did the owner of the business tell me that I would be a great salesperson, but that I could do it on the weekends when my kids were away.

“My friends thought I would be so good at it, they pooled their money and paid for my starter kit.”

Edwina now works as chief content creator with the independent blog, which writes about “all sorts of intimate topics as well as reviews of sex toys and other intimate products for adults.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Although she loves what she does, the sexpert takes her job very seriously.

She added: “It’s not as glamorous as you might think, at least not for me.

“Although I get excited when a new toy arrives in my mailbox, I don’t see it as ‘Omg! Yay! I can masturbate today!’

“I take this as a serious task and want to make sure my readers have all the information they need to make a wise purchase.

“Of course I like it, who doesn’t like a super O or three? And my favorite toys? They go in my bedside table, while the others are stored in a cardboard box in my closet. I love what I do.”

The sexpert also says that there are three major misconceptions people have about her work.

She explains: “First, sex toys are for wild young couples.

“Second, these sex toys are for people who can’t fuck.

“Three, that sex toys are for twisted, kinky people with wild, crazy fetishes.

“Although number 3 may be true in some cases.”

Well, if you thought being a sex toy tester was pretty simple, you’re probably wrong.

Edwina explains, “Once I get a sex toy in the mail, I start logging it right away, starting with the packaging, what’s included inside – extra points for a storage bag and free packaging. nudity.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

“I plug in the charger, see how well it holds, how long does it take to charge, then check the material: is it soft to the touch? Is it flexible? What parts of the body is it suitable for? Can it be used on all genitals or vaginas? What is the engine power? Is it noisy? Does he move well?

“I try to think of each person who might want to buy the toy and what features might be important to them.

“Then, of course, I use the toy (if it’s a toy intended for vaginas). And I describe how the toy worked, what it felt like, and the strength of the orgasm it gave me .

“Then I write my review, take photos, and do a video review. The most important aspect of my reviews is honesty. I’ll tell you 100% whether I liked it or not.”

“However, I always say that every body is different – some need stronger vibrations, others need softer vibrations (like me). That way, even if the toy wasn’t my favorite, someone anyone with different needs will know which toy might be the perfect one for them.”