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Issue 2 of “The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1” from 1963, a storyline that marked The Vulture’s first appearance and only Spider-Man’s third appearance, can be found in a period display in the room. before.

In the back room, a 1977 R2-D2 inflatable punching bag made by Kenner nearly hits the ceiling from its upper perch.

“I had never seen one in person before,” Cuadrado said. “He’s been holding the air for two months since we’ve been here,”

A showcase was a natural progression for Cuadrado.

For almost three decades, Vinny Cuadrado has collected, bought and sold vintage toys and action figures mainly from the 1970s and 1980s.

Arizona Daily Star Kelly Presnell

He was still young, a 17-year-old with a fresh face, when he started shopping for his childhood toys. His parents picked him up a 15-inch Chewbacca figure of Kenner, still in the box, for Christmas at a collectibles store on East Pima Street.

“It was the same Chewbacca they bought from me when I was 2,” said Cuadrado, who is now 46. “I still have it, in the box and everything.”

From there Cuadrado started going to toy shows. While working for Kmart in his twenties, he bought crates of figurines and brought them home.

“I tried to have one of them all,” he said. “I learned very quickly that it was going to be too expensive. I started buying two, then selling one to pay for both.