Topeka Model Railroaders Hosts Annual Christmas Show


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A Topeka club spreads Christmas cheer and love for what brings them together.

Topeka Model Railroaders has been bringing together model train enthusiasts for almost forty years.

“We share information because we have different members who have different talents, we have probably over two hundred years of experience across the different members of the club, so basically just about any aspect of the past. time you want to know, we have the answers, ”said Terry Posten with Topeka Model Railroaders.

On Saturday and Sunday, they decided to share their talents with the rest of Topeka at Fairlawn Plaza for their annual Christmas show.

“If you go around three times you still won’t be able to see everything we have on this layout, we have lots of little hidden details about things and we make little jokes”

The club did not organize the event to make a profit, but to put someone on the right path to finding a new hobby.

“I’ve been doing this for forty years, it’s my hobby, if I want to relax I go down to the basement in my own house, I have a workbench and I do what I want to do and I relax . “

Terry Posten says it doesn’t matter what your skills, your age or your experience; everyone is welcome to join Topeka Model Railroaders.

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