Volunteers start shopping for the Marion County Christmas toy store

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Volunteers stock up on toys for the Marion County Christmas Toy Store. Each year, parents in Marion County can complete an application to receive free toys for their children through their school.

In previous years, parents could choose their children’s toys, but because of COVID-19, it will be a drive-thru style where parents were given a bag of pre-selected toys.

Volunteers spend weeks sorting through all the toys they buy and receive for the toy store. They separate them by age group, so that all children receive adequate gifts.

It’s the 13the year in which the volunteers organized their toy drive. Fairmont resident Butch Tennant was an organizer for everyone.

“Every child deserves a Christmas,” Tennant said. “Even though the parents are working, sometimes there isn’t a lot of extra money for the young people to buy things for their children and we want to make sure that every child gets through Christmas.

Tennant said the toy store gets bigger every year and it makes you feel good around Christmas time knowing that you have given and made someone happy. Last year, volunteers distributed toys to over 700 children.

Organizers are always on the lookout for cash donations or new toy donations. These can be dropped off at the Marion County Election Center. The toy depot also needs volunteers every year. Anyone interested in volunteering on November 30 of this year can call Sharon Burrows at 304-657-6853.