Where to find the bowling pin, the light bulb and the toy train in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll receive requests from the various residents who task you with collecting some rather strange items. Each resident has their own set of quests that you can complete. Some of these questlines even intertwine with other characters’ quests. One of these quests is Wall-E’s “Friendly Exchange” quest. This quest will have you picking up a Skittle, Light Bulb, and Toy Train to give to Ariel. This guide will show you where you can find these three items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pin location

Screenshot by Gamepur

First on the list of items is the bowling pin. It’s not a typical item you’ll need to find in-game like Hardwood, but it’s pretty simple to locate. Go to Goofy and enter. You should see the bowling pin somewhere in the house. For us it was located on the floor next to the sofa.

Bulb location

Screenshot by Gamepur

The light bulb is the second item in the list that Wall-E will search for. This item is in Wall-E’s house. Go to Wall-E and search the area. The bulb should be fairly easy to spot on the floor. For us it was near the entrance.

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Location of the little train

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final item you will be tasked with finding is the toy train. Like the other items on the list, you can find the toy train in one of the residents’ houses. Specifically, it can be found in Mickey’s house. Head over to Mickey’s and check out the surroundings. We were able to find the little train on the dining table in front of the door. Once you have all the items, you can take them to Ariel to continue the quest.