Zero Motorcycles Announces 2021 Cash for Carbon Motorcycle Trade-In Program


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Zero motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, today announced the brief return of its most successful incentive program, Cash for Carbon. Recent increases in motorsport participation have created a flood of new and returning motorcyclists seeking adventure. Recent gasoline shortages have exacerbated the motorcycle shortage as drivers flock to more fuel-efficient modes of transportation. Over the past 15 years, Zero has strived to perfect the motorcycle riding experience to ensure that every moment on a Zero motorcycle is one to remember. With award-winning electric motorcycles and effortlessly powerful, Zero Motorcycles is proud to make the transformational riding experience of an electric motorcycle more accessible than ever with this trade-in promotion.

Cash for Carbon increases the trade-in value offered on internal combustion engine motorcycles for the purchase of a new 2020 or 2021 SR / F or SR / S at participating Zero Motorcycles dealers. By July 6, 2021, buyers who bring in a gasoline bike in exchange for purchasing a new Zero will receive an additional $ 1,500 credit in addition to the trade-in value assessed by the participating dealer on a motorcycle given. .

When a rider takes advantage of this opportunity, he or she will also be eligible for the 10% federal tax credit available for all Zero electric motorcycles, as well as any available local or state tax incentives, creating up to $ 4,000 or more in value on the purchase of a new model.

“The current state of uncertainty over gasoline prices has fueled an appetite for electric motorcycles more than ever,” said Mike Cunningham, Zero Motorcycles vice president of sales for the Americas. “This trend has intensified the existing popularity of powersports in general and now is the perfect time to reintroduce the Cash for Carbon program,” Cunningham added.

The SR / S was released as a new model in February 2020 and joins the SR / F, its award-winning sibling, as two of the company’s most powerful and premium offerings. The effortlessly powerful motorcycles are driven by Zero’s exclusive powertrain that produces an incredible 110 hp and 140 ft-lbs of torque. Each model can charge at any wall outlet or over 90% of the public EV charging network with level 2 fast chargers. Unbridled SR / F is capable of up to 201 battery life. miles in the city per charge with an available Power Tank and the SR / S’s sleek and aerodynamic full fairing allows up to 13% more range when riding in the stowed position. Additionally, each bike is powered by Zero’s proprietary operating system, Cypher III, which controls all subordinate technologies on the bike, including all of Bosch motorcycle stability controls like straight-line ABS and when cornering, drag torque control and traction control.

About Zero Motorcycles:

Zero Motorcycles is the world leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and handcrafted in California, Zero Motorcycles combines Silicon Valley technology with the soul of the traditional motorcycle to elevate the motorcycle experience for smart and innovative riders around the world.

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